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John Hardenbergh, CEO, Gold CometJohn Hardenbergh, CEO
Email is one of the most frequently and widely used business communication channels, both internally and externally. Millions of emails are sent containing contracts, invoices, and other critical business documents every day. Despite its apparent benefits and wide adoption, it's very clear that emails are the prominent threat vector wherein cybercriminals can easily exploit companies through ransomware, DDoS, phishing, and other malicious ways.

Email and other communications tools used widely across organizations were designed to facilitate easy, quick, and open communication without considering the principles of security, privacy, and integrity. And that's where they manifest as major pain points for today's businesses. Cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities, breaches are spiraling, costing businesses billions of dollars in revenue. Companies appear to be in a perpetual state of carrying out never-ending patchwork to fill the inherent security gaps pertaining to widely used commercial software, including email solutions and related communication tools.

It is therefore imperative for organizations to implement a Zero Trust email and communications security system that seamlessly combines the default standard email protection with robust additional security defenses.

Delivering just that with its patented solution and forward-thinking approach is Gold Comet.

The company brings to the table a secure cloud-based system for protecting confidential information and securing business communications online. "We intend to provide the capability for companies to protect those communications that do need protecting," says John Hardenbergh, CEO of Gold Comet.

The Gold Comet Cloud offers multiple security levels to allow the secure transmission of emails. The company uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols that provide security over the internet and allow businesses to communicate in a confidential and reliable way. All communications and data (attachments) via the Gold Comet Cloud are encrypted at rest and in transit. The company's solution is based on a patented process that assigns each encrypted message, and the attachments, their own unique key. This unique key ensures the highest level of security for business communication by incorporating a 256-bit encryption key for each data transmission (object-level encryption) instead of widely used batch-level encryption.

Additionally, the solution requires each mail recipient's to be in each other’s address books. With this 'whitelist' process, the solution eliminates quite literally all online communication vulnerabilities such as phishing, whaling, ransomware, and other malicious code, and ensures that all communications are only between authorized users.

Our solution is built on a zero-trust model that provides advanced levels of encryption with 99.9 percent uptime, and eliminate unwanted communication

"Our solution is built on a zero-trust model that provides advanced levels of encryption with 99.9 percent uptime and eliminates unwanted communication. Our cloud was penetration tested by a leading US Cyber industry firm, and it has been confirmed to have the highest marks for data protection,"says Hardenbergh.

The scope of Gold Comet's patented security solution extends beyond email and communications security. In fact, their solution entails three primary security constituents, namely email protection, secure file storage, encrypted file sharing. Additionally, these products provide holistic compliance, and secure access control.

While email protection, file storage, and sharing are characterized by patented object-level encryption, Gold Comet's compliance enablement pertains to their solution effectively BCC-ing all message traffic with their own unique encryption to a designated compliance storage folder. Further, the solution requires multiple approved administrators to simultaneously execute high-level administration processes including access to the compliance folder. The secure credentials control capability is a patented process directly prevents the establishment of an individual “god account” so prevalent in the email industry today.

Technically speaking, the core technology enabling the Gold Comet novelty can be readily deployed for any number of applications such as: authenticated and authorized video streaming, supply chain protection for false invoicing, protecting sensitive merger and acquisition information as well as patent registration communications. In effect, the solution finds ideal use in any conveyance function/workflows that needs an ultra-secure process to maintain integrity, security, and privacy.

Another aspect that sets Gold Comet apart from others is that it is entirely US-based and owned by US citizens, with all the codes being owned and written by them. The company's team includes cybersecurity experts from the private sector as well as the US Intelligence Community. The majority are former military veterans, led by a management team that averages 30+ years of corporate experience supporting NASA, defense, homeland security, and the US intel community.

Having carved a unique niche in the enterprise security space with its multi-pronged value propositions, looking ahead, Gold Comet will continue to expand across a broader spectrum of applications. By 2022, the company will be launching the ultra-secure file sharing solution to allow collaboration between authorized users without the possibility of information loss. "We are constantly updating, improving and enhancing our cybersecurity posture to deliver better communication and to become an integral part of a total zero trust solution." concludes Hardenbergh.
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