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Alen Dalton Program Manager, Professional, IT CNPAlen Dalton Program Manager, Professional
Security and data availability are major concerns for commercial enterprises, private organizations, and government agencies alike. However, government cloud customers and their supporting contractors have unique risks that require a specialized solution. Agencies and programs within the U.S. Government are prime targets for cyberattacks as federal, state, and local government entities maintain and store massive amounts of data in old and vulnerable systems. It thereby becomes imperative to reduce the risk of unauthorized data use, disclosure, or loss and implement comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to monitor risks and prevent cyberattacks.

Fulfilling this need within the industry is IT-CNP, one of the leading national providers of the premier government oriented high availability security hosting, information management, cybersecurity, and custom help desk solutions. “We deploy systems and apps on our own FedRAMP certified and audited cloud infrastructure to mitigate risks for clients. Our security compliance services allow them to focus exclusively on managing the applications hosted with us, and not worrying about security documentation, security event monitoring, or responding to cyberattacks,” states Alen Dalton, the Program Manager of Professional Services at IT-CNP.

The cornerstone of IT-CNP’s offering is the government-certified cloud service bundle, GovDataHosting. This is the only full-service cloud provider to bundle four key service components into one unified offering national cloud infrastructure, security compliance, disaster recovery, and application support. It ensures the simplification, planning, and completion of government system migration to the cloud, in support of the agency’s mission objectives. “Our customers save time by interacting with a single provider, which results in higher levels of service efficiency, shortens implementation schedule, and lowers both risk and costs,” adds Dalton. GovDataHosting further ensures lower implementation risk, reduced costs, and heightened efficiency for all clients. The company provides the only 100 percent infrastructure availability Service Level Agreement and 24/7 white-glove support. Clients can also benefit from its comprehensive disaster recovery service. IT-CNP’s GovDataHosting technical team supports clients for Microsoft, Red Hat, Drupal, Oracle, Apache and helps develop custom-built applications. With the support from U.S citizens, IT-CNP’s entire cloud infrastructure is FedRAMP-certified to provide cloud infrastructure as a service from three distinct cloud datacenters in Columbia, Maryland, Dallas, Texas, and Cleveland, Ohio.

IT-CNP also offers an independent secure cloud infrastructure with dedicated resources within a strictly controlled and monitored environment. This provides advanced security for sensitive applications and data, ensures compliance with security regulations, and increases cost-effectiveness through sharing resources.“We are honored to be a part of the Nation’s modern cloud technology evolution in securing America’s cloud infrastructure and sensitive data, while pioneering new defense techniques and technologies to prepare for security challenges of tomorrow,” mentions Cynthia Gibson, the Information Security Compliance Manager at IT-CNP.

We are honored to be a part of the Nation's modern cloud technology evolution in securing America's cloud infrastructure and sensitive data, while pioneering new defense techniques and technologies to prepare for security challenges of tomorrow

For delivering robust control structures, IT-CNP utilizes a formal set of policies, procedures, forms, and manuals. The company ensures that all hosted systems are properly maintained and supported. Its formal control structures have been carefully developed to integrate seamlessly with NIST standards to ensure consistency and compliance with all the requirements.

With its superior solutions and mitigated performance risk, IT-CNP has etched a successful track record of serving a diverse portfolio of government hosting-oriented services, proven datacenter infrastructure support processes to all its clients. One among them is CMS, a cloud-hosted data warehouse. CMS sought to strengthen and modernize the Nation’s healthcare system, provide access to high-quality care, and improve health at lower costs. It was looking for an independent government cloud provider to host and maintain its financial claims data warehouse used by both employees and medical industry professionals.

Since the data warehouse was hosted in a legacy commercial datacenter, CMS was unable to meet the federal government’s FISMA, OMB, and unique HHS and CMS requirement for storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and electronic protected health information. In response, IT-CNP delivered a new secure hosted environment for CMS. The company provisioned the CMS supporting hardware and virtual server operating system components, including all underlying networking, processing, and storage infrastructure. It then put in place a security compliance plan to transition the system to a government-certified cloud datacenter along with preparing the necessary security compliance documentation. IT-CNP scheduled an independent CMS security control assessment (SCA). As part of technical performance and information and security continuous monitoring strategy, the company’s Network Operation Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) were used for advanced 24/7/365 system event monitoring and vulnerability scanning.

With several such successes, IT-CNP will continue to improve the capabilities of its 24/7 SOC team to perform information security continuous monitoring for every customer’s hosted system to detect, analyze, and alert on suspicious activity and take immediate incident response steps. As cloud computing continues to be an essential target for organizations looking for scalability, business continuity, and cost-efficiency, they are rapidly migrating to the cloud. This is essentially driving a growing trend of providing tailor-made cloud service offerings for specific industries. In this regard, IT-CNP plans to expand its services to different industries, including higher education and state agencies with varying needs. “Our primary focus is to always provide platinum level support service. We take pride in serving our customers with solutions that meet most challenging business, technical, and system performance requirements while offering 100 percent availability and performance guarantee,” concludes Cynthia.
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Alen Dalton Program Manager, Professional

Based in Columbia, Maryland, IT-CNP is a leading information technology consulting firm that provides Federal, state, and local government agencies with comprehensive IT operations and cyber security assessments, in addition to turn-key FISMA compliant, FedRAMP-certified cloud solutions via their unique hosting division, For more than 15 years, they have earned their customers’ trust thanks to an established IT management team and vetted technical support staff. Their state-of-the-art datacenters deliver continuous 100% uptime performance, and their myriad services are made accessible through a variety of contract vehicles