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Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Companies - 2021

Cyber security is a fast-moving sector, as both hackers and security providers vie to outsmart each other. New threats—and innovative ways to combat them—emerge all the time, going hand in hand.

The increased pandemic-induced remotization of work has spurred a wide range of security threats in the cyber landscape. Home offices are often less protected than centralized offices, which tend to have more secure firewalls, routers, and access management run by IT security teams. In the rush to keep things operational, traditional security vetting may not be as rigorous as usual for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

Many employees are using their personal devices for two-factor authentication, and they may well have mobile app versions of instant messaging clients, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These blurred lines between personal and professional life increase the risk that sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands.

The expanding Internet of Things (IoT) creates more opportunities for cybercrime. So many additional devices change the dynamics and size of what is called the cyber-attack surface – that is, the number of potential entry points for malicious actors.

Though ransomware has been around for over two decades, it still continues to be a growing havoc. Increased dependence on the cloud services is also a major threat and a significant cause of data breaches and unauthorized access, insecure interfaces, and account hijacking.

With cyber-attacks becoming more frequent and damaging, cyber security professionals should also rise to the occasion and accept the challenge pro-actively.

To help organizations select the best Cyber Security Companies, we present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Cyber Security Companies - 2021.”

    Cyber Security Solutions Companies

  • From enabling the largest cybersecurity teams to work effectively with cyberthreat intelligence to empowering even the smallest suppliers to stay current on threats they may be facing, Celerium’s cybersecurity solutions empower supply chains, and enterprises of all sizes stay one step ahead of bad actors. Their tailored solutions help improve supply chain cyber defense within critical infrastructure industries, including defense, aviation, and automotive

  • Fidelis Cybersecurity defends private and public global enterprises from a potential high-profile security breach. They have built some of the most secure digital environments, and the Fidelis Elevate platform has been trusted upon to find, stop, and remediate some of the world’s most prominent security attacks, in both the commercial and government sectors

  • The company offers a patented, secure information transmission system for individuals, businesses, and the government

  • Based in Columbia, Maryland, IT-CNP is a leading information technology consulting firm that provides Federal, state, and local government agencies with comprehensive IT operations and cyber security assessments, in addition to turn-key FISMA compliant, FedRAMP-certified cloud solutions via their unique hosting division, For more than 15 years, they have earned their customers’ trust thanks to an established IT management team and vetted technical support staff. Their state-of-the-art datacenters deliver continuous 100% uptime performance, and their myriad services are made accessible through a variety of contract vehicles

  • Offers a website-sandbox solution that mitigates the risk of digital apps on websites

  • Secureworks' Taegis XDR platform enables customers and partners to outpace and outmaneuver adversaries with more precision. Taegis XDR acts as unified security incident detection and response platform capable of consolidating multiple security products. With Taegis, organizations can gain comprehensive visibility and control over their endpoints, network, and cloud environments. As a result, Secureworks can detect and respond to more and real threats faster

  • Tego Cyber delivers a state-of-the-art threat intelligence platform by integrating proprietary, automated software solutions that enable enterprises to identify imminent threats and deploy relevant solutions before data security is compromised. The company’s platform merged with an organization’s existing SIEM products, such as Splunk, to detect threat indicators and malicious actors within the client enterprise environment through aggregated real-time global cyber intelligence

  • Akamai Technologies

    Akamai Technologies

    The Akamai Intelligent Edge is a place where proximity, scale, security, and innovation work together. All backed by a team of experts to help you unlock its full potential. Over 20 years ago, they set out to solve the toughest challenge of the early internet: the world wide wait. The firm has been solving the internet’s toughest challenges ever since. That’s why the most innovative companies worldwide trust Akamai to secure and deliver their digital experiences — helping billions of people live, work, and play every day

  • ActioNet, Inc

    ActioNet, Inc

    ActioNet, Inc., headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, is a CMMI®-DEV Level 4, CMMI®-SVC Level 4, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, HDI-certified, woman-owned IT Solutions Provider with strong qualifications and expertise in Cloud-based Solutions, Cyber Security and Agile Software Engineering. As a Mission-Focused, Client-Centric and Results-Driven organization, ActioNet also follows the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology as well as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards

  • Anvilogic


    Anvilogic is a top-tier Series A cyber-security SaaS company, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. They are an Automated Detection Engineering platform that offers a collaborative, no-code intelligent detection experience to automate a SOC's detection engineering workflow by helping security teams assess their environment and quickly build/deploy attack-pattern detection code resulting in highly accurate & enriched alerts for automated triage & response