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Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Companies - 2020

With 2019 was a big year for cybersecurity, the introduction of 5G and the rise of cloud computing made 2020 even more challenging for the security professionals. As firms are moving to the cloud at an amazing clip and with good reason, there are pitfalls from a cybersecurity perspective. Chief among them is the need for comprehensive security solutions that incorporate the cloud as well as legacy infrastructure. Given the shortage of cloud security expertise and the lack of hybrid solutions that span cloud and legacy, companies are challenged to build in system-wide security.

Further, today’s customers are demanding the ability to transact fully and securely in the digital domain and competitors are offering new choices daily. Clearly, traditional waterfall approaches to building security can’t keep up. To be successful, agile teams need a deeper understanding of security issues, willingness to adopt security practices, and must take increased responsibility for the security of their systems.

The events of early 2020 have prompted organizations to shift priorities across the board, and security processes are no exception. Gone are the days when attackers needed significant skills to launch an attack. In many ways, the dark web has commoditized attack tools while also providing a means of trading the spoils of an exploit. Numerous studies have documented the increased speed at which digital transformation initiatives have been fast-tracked as organizations scramble to apply automation to support large numbers of remote workers and skyrocketing e-commerce traffic.

Given that skilled cybersecurity professionals continue to be in desperately short supply while businesses plan to ramp up investments even more, we can expect that demand for skills will remain high. While attackers are growing stronger and more sophisticated, parallelly the cybersecurity industry is also becoming more robust. The key is to plan proactive solutions to keep the business safe.

We present to you, “Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Cyber Security Companies

  • Covr Security provides mobile, multi-factor authentication-as-a-service to a wide range of industries that depend on strong customer authentication: banks, payment networks, credit card companies, eID providers, IoT companies and mobile carriers. The firm’s user-friendly solution is built on a modern, patent-pending architecture originating from Nordic bank security. COVR is available as a native mobile app ready for a quick roll-out, and as a powerful SDK for trouble-free, white-label integration into existing mobile applications

  • Serving clients across numerous industries from small businesses to very large enterprises, Digital Defense’s innovative and leading-edge technology helps organizations safeguard sensitive data and eases the burdens associated with information security. Frontline.Cloud, the original Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) platform, delivers consistently accurate vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, while SecurED®, the company’s security awareness training, promotes employees’ security-minded behavior. The Digital Defense Frontline suite of products, underpinned by patented technology and complemented with unparalleled service and support, are highly-regarded by industry experts

  • DirectRM introduces a revolutionary way to host your critical business infrastructure by using the latest secured virtualization technology. The firm’s suite of cloud offerings combines ultra-high performance with above Military Grade Cloud Security enabling client’s to now easily access all their sensitive data using any device as securely as if client’s were on their own private network. Both Mastercard and Visa rely on Direct Risk Management for the definitive security of its new cards.

  • Shanken Security Solutions offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for compliance and cyber awareness. The company’s commitment to “tailorable” solutions shows through in its diverse solution portfolio. Shanken’s offerings range from penetration testing to security awareness training to damage control with digital forensics. Most interest these days, though, is pertaining to Compromise Assessments. Shanken continues to innovate and drive investments towards developing cutting edge cybersecurity solutions. The company is currently developing ASSURE, a new SaaS-based, on-demand, defensive scanning tool designed to help cyber professionals identify vulnerabilities and anomalies on their network in real-time

  • Alacrinet


    As a leading cybersecurity and information technology consultant, Alacrinet's goal is to deliver the right services and solutions that meet our clients' IT security strategy. The firm is a full-service partner with a team of experts who continue to develop their skills, knowledge, and certifications for the benefit of their clients. With this knowledge and expertise, and working with our clients to understand the needs of their business, Alacrinet presents the best solutions in a way that’s easy to make decisions and implement

  • Check Point Software Technologies

    Check Point Software Technologies

    Check Point Software Technologies is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Check Point’s solutions protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and advanced targeted threats. Check Point offers a multilevel security architecture, “Infinity Total Protection with Gen V advanced threat prevention”, this combined product architecture defends an enterprises’ cloud, network and mobile devices. Check Point provides the most comprehensive and intuitive one point of control security management system

  • Culinda


    Culinda is a cyber-security company specialized in securing medical loT devices in the US hospitals using an Artificial Intelligence platform and a security gateway. The firm has a team of the finest experts in hospital operations and medical devices. They work with their full concentration and exert the best they can do to keep your devices protected all the time. Everything about your medical devices, their uses, and their connections is their specialty.

  • Palo Alto Networks

    Palo Alto Networks

    Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, is shaping the cloud-centric future with technology that is transforming the way people and organizations operate. The firm’s mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. They help address the world's greatest security challenges with continuous innovation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. By delivering an integrated platform and empowering a growing ecosystem of partners, the firm is at the forefront of protecting tens of thousands of organizations across clouds, networks, and mobile devices

  • Radiflow


    Radiflow is a leading provider of cyber security for critical infrastructure networks. The Radiflow solution provides operators with visibility and control of their OT network; including both non-intrusive Industrial IDS to monitor real-time networks and security gateways to secure access to devices in critical zones. Radiflow was founded in 2010 as part of the RAD group, a family of ICT vendors with over $1Bn in annual revenues. Since 2012 Radiflow has sold more than 10,000 systems used by major utilities world-wide and validated by leading research labs in the US

  • RocketCyber


    RocketCyber, a cyber security platform that enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deliver security services to small and medium businesses. Built specifically for MSPs, our platform facilitates billable revenue opportunities by leveraging their RocketApps. The RocketCyber platform is comprised of two main components; a multi-tenant cloud console and agent technology. The cloud console is used for on-boarding new customers, reporting, enabling RocketApps and integrating with our partners such as PSA vendors and Threat Intelligence sources